Henny Nights

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The single “Henny Nights,” with its breezy melody and thought-provoking verses, is the first from Spaceman Jones and The Motherships’ new EP, Space and Time. The video drops just before the duo’s EP release show at The Mothlight on Friday, Oct. 5, with with Effigy, Sk the Novelist, Kingdom Kome and Musashi Xero.

The song is about the hustle of making it — both as an artist and as a person coming from humble roots — and also about loyal friendship. “My soul let me know when these people frontin’” Davaion “Spaceman Jones” Bristol raps. The beats and sung refrain, both by Cliff B. Worsham, aka Motherhood of RBTS WIN, recall the sun-drenched vibe of Worsham’s other project.

Video by ShotxLott ( Erick Lottary).

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